Special Session

The same as regular paper submission, please submit your paper to paper online submission system, choose the corresponding special session title when you fill out paper information.

Special session 1: Adaptive signal processing - algorithms and applications
Yi Yu (Southwest University of Science and Technology) yuyi_xyuan@swust.edu.cn
Lu Lu (Sichuan University) lulu19900303@126.com

Special session 2: Innovative Multiple Antenna Techniques and Solutions for 5G and B5G
Luyu Zhao (Xidian University) lyzhao@xidian.edu.cn
Guan-Long Huang (Foshan University) hgl@fosu.edu.cn
Wei Lin (University of Technology Sydney) wei.lin@uts.edu.au

Special session 3: Wireless body area network- antenna design and numerical method
Hongxing Zheng (Hebei University of Technology) hxzheng@hebut.edu.cn
Yuxian Zhang (Anhui University) yxzhang_tute@126.com

Special session 4: Dual-band Dual Circular Polarization Antenna Techniques
Kuikui Fan (Hangzhou Dianzi University) kkfan@hdu.edu.cn
Jianxing Li (Xi'an Jiaotong University) jianxingli.china@xjtu.edu.cn

Special session 5: Emerging Wireless Technologies in the Era of 5G and Beyond
Ke Guan (Beijing Jiaotong University) kguan@bjtu.edu.cn  
Zhengrong Lai (Guangdong Communications & Networks Institute) laizhengrong@gdcni.cn
Lei Zhang (Donghua University) lei.zhang@dhu.edu.cn 

Special session 6: Low-Profile Antennas and Arrays for 5G Communications
Sen Yan (Xi’an Jiaotong University) sen.yan@xjtu.edu.cn 
Neng-Wu Liu (Xidian University) nwliu@xidian.edu.cn 

Special session 7: Testing Methodology for Antennas and Wireless Devices
Xiaoming Chen (Xi'an Jiaotong University) xiaoming.chen@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Yuxin Ren (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology)

Special session 8: Multi-functional metasurfaces theory, design and applications
Hongyu Shi (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
HuanHuan Yang (Air Force Engineering University) jianye8901@126.com 

Special session 9: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) Techniques for B5G and 6G      
Yongjun Xu (Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications) xuyj@cqupt.edu.cn
Chongwen Huang (Zhejiang University) chongwenhuang@zju.edu.cn
Kuang Zhang (Harbin institute of technology) zhangkuang@hit.edu.cn

Special session 10: Statistical signal processing – detection, estimation, and filtering
Jingen Ni (Soochow University) jni@suda.edu.cn
Zhe Li (Soochow University) lizhe@suda.edu.cn

Special session 11: Advanced Array Signal Processing and Antenna Technology for 5G and Beyond
Naixing Feng (Anhui University) fengnaixing@gmail.com
Liangtian Wan (Dalian University of Technology) wanliangtian@dlut.edu.cn
Fangqing Wen (China Three Gorges University) wenfangqing@ctgu.edu.cn

Special session 12: Electric energy conversion and intelligent control
Tian Gao (Northwestern Polytechnical University) tiangao@nwpu.edu.cn
Jing Hou (Northwestern Polytechnical University) jhou0825@nwpu.edu.cn
Qi Wang (Xi'an Technological University) wangqi@xatu.edu.cn

Special session 13: Advanced Technologies and Emerging Applications in Radar Signal and Image Processing
Mingliang Tao (Northwestern Polytechnical University) mltao@nwpu.edu.cn
Yifei Fan (Northwestern Polytechnical University) fanyifei@nwpu.edu.cn

Special session 14: Recent advances in radar detection and recognition
Xiaolong Chen (Naval Aviation University) cxlcxl1209@163.com
Ying Luo (Air Force Engineering University) luoying2002521@163.com
Jibin Zheng (Xidian University) jbzheng@mail.xidian.edu.cn

Special session 15: Advanced Array Theory and Synthesis Techniques   
Foxiang Liu (Nanchang University) fxliu@ncu.edu.cn
Jun Xiao (Jimei University) 201961000041@jmu.edu.cn

Special session 16: Electromagnetic Models and Optimization in MIMO Communications
Wei Sha (Zhejiang University) weisha@zju.edu.cn
Xiaoming Chen (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
Zi He (Nanjing University of Science and Technology) zihe@njust.edu.cn

Special session 17: Information theoretical learning criteria based signal processing and machine learning: methods, and applications
Badong Chen (Xi’an Jiaotong University) chenbd@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Wentao Ma (Xi’an University of Technology) mawt@xaut.edu.cn

Special session 18: Recent Advances on Machine Learning in Computational Electromagnetics: Theory and Application
Yuanguo Zhou (Xi'an University of Science and Technology) zyg@xust.edu.cn
Qiang Ren (Beihang University) qiangren@buaa.edu.cn

Special session 19: Generation and application of metasurface based electromagnetic vortex
Baiyang Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology) liuby@sustech.edu.cn                     
Qingfeng Zhang (Southern University of Science and Technology) zhangqf@sustc.edu.cn

Special session 20: Advanced mathematic theory applied in array radar and communication system
Xianpeng Wang (Hainan University) wxpeng2016@hainanu.edu.cn
Han Wang (Yichun University) hanwang@jxycu.edu.cn
Shi Junpeng (National University of Defense Technology) shijunpeng20@nudt.edu.cn

Special session 21: Simulation in Dynamic Complex EM Environment
Yunlong MAO (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology)
Tao Jiang (Harbin Enginering University)

Special session 22: ECM and  Intelligent decision-making
Fang Ye (Harbin Enginering University) yefang@hrbeu.edu.cn
Dandan Liu (Heilongjiang University of Science & Technology) liudandan@usth.edu.cn

Special session 23: Low-dimensional multifunctional electromagnetic devices and antennas
Bian Wu (Xidian University) bwu@mail.xidian.edu.cn
Junming Zhao (Nanjing University) jmzhao@nju.edu.cn

Special session 24: Wearable Textile and Clothing Antennas
Kwok L. Chung (Huizhou University)
Botao Feng (Shenzhen University)

Special session 25: Intelligent Reflective Surfaces for B5G/6G Communications
Li Deng (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) dengl@bupt.edu.cn
Kwok L. Chung (Huizhou University) klchung@hzu.edu.cn 

Special session 26: Education in Electronic, Information and Wireless Communications
Yunqi Li (Harbin Engineering University) liyunqi1996@163.com
Tao Jiang (Harbin Engineering University) jiangtao@hrbeu.edu.cn

Special session 27: Microwave/millimeter passive device design, optimization and tuning
Yongxing Du (Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology) dyxql@imust.edu.cn
Xiaolong Wang (Jilin University) brucewang@jlu.edu.cn
Yongliang Zhang (Inner Mongolia University) namar@imu.edu.cn

Special session 28:  Microwave and millimeter wave antennas and circuits for modern wireless communication systems
Liying Nie (Hefei University of Technology) liyingnie@hfut.edu.cn
Daotong Li (Chongqing University) dli@cqu.edu.cn
Fei Cheng (Sichuan University) chengfei@scu.edu.cn

Special session 29: Vehicle EMI and EMC
Chonghua Fang (China ship development & design center) 27634073@qq.com
Xinyang Shi (Wuhan Maritime Communication Research Institute) sxy1985123@163.com

Special session 30: Underwater Acoustic Communication and Networking
Youwen Zhang (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology) zhangyuwnjust@163.com
Biao Wang (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology) wangbiao@just.edu.cn

Special session 31: Antennas and numerical techniques for 5G wireless communications
Han Chongzhi (Jimei University) chongzhi_han@jmu.edu.cn
Chen Peng (Jimei University) chenpeng@jmu.edu.cn

Special session 32: Signal processing techniques for wireless communication and cyber systems
Yuantao Gu (Tsinghua University) gyt@tsinghua.edu.cn

Special session 33: 5G/6G communications and community
Botao Feng (Shenzhen University ) fengbotao@szu.edu.cn