Call For Papers

Topics of interest, but not limited to:[Download Call for papers]

Please be noted: All original papers will be submit to IEEE Crosscheck System to check the Multiple Publication and Plagiarism problems, please prepare your paper carefully before submission.

I. Communications and Network
Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems
Network Architecture & Protocol
Optical Fiber/Microwave Communication
Wired & Wireless Communication and Networking
IoT (Internet of things); RFID; WPAN; ZigBee
Modulation, Coding and Information Theory
Satellite Communications; Ultra-Wideband; Protocols; Nano networks
Optical Communications and Networking; Mobile Computing
Grid, cluster and P2P computing; Pervasive/ubiquitous computing
Web services and Internet computing; Computer and Network Security
Cryptography; Mobile and Wireless networks security
Optical network security
Web, eBusiness, eCommerce, eGovernment security

II. Signal Processing (SP) and Information Technology
Acoustic/Sonar Imaging and Techniques
Biomedical Image Processing
Radar SP and Imaging, SAR, ATR
MIMO SP for Radar
Ground and Foliage Penetration Systems
Signal Acquisition and Sensor Management
DF, Emitter Location, Elint, Array Processing
Target Detection, Identification and Tracking
Data Fusion; Information Storage
Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
Operating System; Software Engineering; Information Security
Sensor data processing, mining, and machine learning
Coding, compression and information theory

III. Antennas, Propagation, and Scattering
Smart Antennas, Beamforming and MIMO
Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling
Wave Scattering and RCS
NanoEM, Plasmonics, and Applications
Metamaterials, FSS and EBG
EM Field Theory and Numerical Techniques
EM Interference & Compatibility, SI
Spectrum Management and Monitoring
RF, uWave, mmW and THz Measurements

IV. Microwave Systems, Radar, RF
Aeronautical and Space Applications
RFID Devices/Systems/Applications
Automotive/Transportation Radar & Communications
UWB and Multispectral Technologies & Systems
Emerging System Architectures
Modelling Techniques for RF Systems
Radar Techniques, Systems and Applications
Sonar Systems and Applications
Wireless Power Transfer & Energy Harvesting
Terahertz Systems
Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
Linear Device Modeling
Nonlinear Device Modeling
Terahertz Devices: Electronics/Photonics/Plasmonics
(MIMO) measurements
Nonlinear measurement techniques
RF packaging and package modeling
Semiconductor devices and component modeling for RF applications
RF MEMS and microsystems
Microwave and millimeter-wave systems
Radar, SAR and microwave imaging
Electronic warfare and other military applications of RF/microwaves
Measurement techniques for antennas, electromagnetic radiation, propagation
Novel electromagnetic materials