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Prof. Bin Liang, NanJing University (Invitation talk)
Presentation title: Acoustic metamaterials for sound manipulation and beyond
Abstract: Recent years, the acoustic metamaterial has some special acoustic properties in natural materials, which have opened new ways to achieve magic acoustic phenomena, such as asymmetric sound manipulation and high-quality acoustical holography. The acoustic metamaterials also provide a new route for breaking through the fundamental limitation of traditional acoustic theory and technology. However, they are mainly used for specific waves manipulation, and difficult to realize acoustic detection, imaging and others independently. To solve these problems, the brain-like intelligent system is built by acoustic artificial structure. a specific matrix is designed on the basis of deep-learning techniques. It is verified that the groups of metamaterial unit-cells with specific matrix have specific intelligence for desired tasks. Taking the object identification based on the scattered wave as an example, which is of fundamental significance in wave physics, the meta-neural-network exhibits its magic performances in completing complex tasks with simplicity, precision, real time, and pure passivity.
Personal profile: Bin Liang is now the professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Physics, NanJing University. He was one of the first winners of Excellent youth fund of NSF. Also, he was selected for Talent Plan of Nanjing University (class B) and supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University. His research interests include magic acoustic phenomena and manipulation of acoustic metamaterials. He proposed and achieved the concepts of acoustic diode and metamaterials, etc. As the first author or correspondence author (including co-authors), more than 90 SCI papers have been published, including 1 Nat. Mat., 1 Nat. Rev. Mat., 2 Nat. Comm., 1 Phys. Rev. X, 4 Phys. Rev. Lett. and 1 Adv. Mat. Nearly 20 patents have been authorized (include 2 US patents) and 9 papers were selected as highly cited papers in ESI, his research results have been repeatedly reported by Nature News, American Institute of Physics and other academic institutions and appeared on the “60-second science” program organized by Scientific American. As the second author, he won the first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education in 2016, and he was selected into “World’s Top 2% Scientists” evaluated by Stanford and “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” evaluated by Elsevier in 2021.

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