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Full Name: Dr. Qunyan Ren
Affiliation: Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Presentation title: Sediment characterization using multiple systems: experimental and numerical results
Summary of the presentation: This paper presents the characterization of sediment properties using multiple hydrographic systems. Different processing techniques are adapted to process at-sea experiment data from a single-beam echosounder (SBES), and a sub-bottom profiler. A sequential processing algorithm is used to estimate the impedance index of surface sediment through processing the SBES backscattering echoes. A hybrid image processing method is used the extract the underlying sediment layering structure from sub-bottom profiling image. A Bayesian framework is adapted to characterize the sediment layering structure and associated geoacoutic parameters. Experimental processing results and numerical analysis suggest the using multiple systems can provide more comprehensive sediment properties than traditional approaches.
Personal profile: Has been working in the fields of underwater acoustic modelling, underwater acoustic signal processing, geoacoustic inversion, Bayesian parameter estimation, using artificial intelligence for underwater target identifying, etc. He has noticeable experience in study and research, numerical simulation, and experimental data processing. He has published more than 100 papers in top journals and academic conferences, and applied 28 invention patents.  He is current one member of the expert group of CAS-Artificial Intelligence Research (CAS-AIR), the branch of computational acoustics of Acoustic society of China,  key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and technology. He is in charge of more than 10 national and ministerial level  projects, and is the chief scientist of one key strengthening project.

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