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Full Name: Dr. Pavel S. Petrov
Affiliation: II’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute
Presentation title: Pseudodifferential mode parabolic equations and their application to the modelling of sound propagation in shallow water
Summary of the presentation: The modelling of sound propagation in the ocean by the solution of mode parabolic equations is discussed. Mode parabolic equations can be obtained as the one-way approximation to horizontal refraction equations for modal amplitudes. Their wide-angle capabilities depend on the order of the Pade approximation of the involved pseudo-differential operators. Various aspects of numerical solution methods for pseudodifferential mode parabolic equations are considered in detail, including artificial domain truncation and Cauchy initial data for the point source field approximation. The capabilities of the discussed numerical approaches are demonstrated in several important test cases, including the problems of sound propagation in a penetrable wedge and in a sea with an underwater canyon. Applications of pseudodifferential mode parabolic equations to the problems of monitoring of antropogenic acoustic noise on the shelf are described.
Personal profile:Dr. Pavel S. Petrov is the head of laboratory of geophysical fluid dynamics at Pacific Oceanological Institute (Vladivostok, Russia). His work is related to the problems of sound propagation in complex marine environment with particular emphasis on various 3D effects, including horizontal refraction. His group develops mathematical metods for the modelling of wave propagation using such approaches as normal modes theory, parabolic equations and asymptotic methods. Practical applictions of the group's research output include acoustic navigation and acoustical monitoring of the marine environment. Dr. Petrov received V.I.Il’ichev award (by Russian Academy of Sciences) for a series of papers dedicated to the development of 3D numerical methods for sound propagation modelling. He is the only Russian member of the UACE meeting scientific committee, and he also serves as a topic editor (underwater acoustics) of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

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