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Full Name: Dr. Bo Gao
Affiliation: Ocean University of China
Presentation title: Modeling and Characteristic of Coupled Scattering for the Distant Ocean Reverberation
Summary of the presentation: Ocean reverberation is known as the main limitation of active detection. Meanwhile, it is also a kind of brilliant marine information carrier. This presentation would start with the coupled mode reverberation model, and the environmental effects on distant reverberation, such as fluctuation of sea surface, perturbation of water volume, was investigated by mode coupling analysis. It is shown that although bottom reverberation is the dominate factor for the ocean reverberation, the non-determinacy of reverberation is affected seriously by the upper boundary and the water medium. The separation of deterministic and diffuse part of ocean reverberation is the key point of reverberation estimation、suppression and inversion.
Personal profile:Bo Gao, was born in the city of Weifang, Shandong province, in 1985. He received the B. E. degree in Electronic Information Engineering (underwater acoustics) and the Ph.D. degree in underwater acoustic engineering from the college of underwater acoustic engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China, in 2007 and in 2013, respectively. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on modeling and mechanism of low frequency reverberation and propagation in shallow water.
He is currently an Assistant Professor at the department of marine technology, the Ocean University of China, Qingdao. His main research interests are in ocean reverberation, stochastic propagation, and high frequency sediment acoustics. His investigation was supported by N.S.F.C. and Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation of young scientists, and his papers were mainly published at JASA-EL, J.C.A, SCIENCE CHINA G, Acta Acustica, Acta Phys.Sin.

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