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Full Name: Prof. Shiqi Mo
Affiliation: Harbin Engineering University
Presentation title: The technique of passive positioning based on vector hydrophones
Summary of the presentation: Direction-of-arrivals (DOAs) estimations have received considerable interests, with most of the existing techniques still relying on scaler hydrophones. One requiring further research is the vector-based positioning technique. Based on the vector-based DOA, this paper investigates poisoning and tracking techniques using vector hydrophones and discusses the observability of motion parameters of moving targets with only the azimuth information of the targets known. The interference pattern of the waveguide field is stable, dependent on several factors including sound speed profiles and source and receiver depths. This paper develops an algorithm to estimate the motion parameters of moving targets using the vector waveguide invariant associated with the inference pattern. Simulations and experiments validate the proposed algorithm.
Personal profile: Shiqi Mo is Professor of Underwater Acoustics within College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering at Harbin Engineering University. Professor Mo is the Deputy Dean of College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, the Associated Director of Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology, the Associated Director of Management Center of Deep-Sea Space Station, and a member of Academic Committee of Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology. He has particular research interests in the areas of vector signal processing and measurements and analyses of underwater noises. He has played an important role in the development of such areas and is author of more than 50 core journal articles. So far, he has participated in several national scientific research projects and has applied for more than 20 authorized patents. Also, he has won three times of first prize for National Defense Science and Technology Progress and two times of second prize for National Science and Technology Progress.

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