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Prof. Zhengxiang Chen, No.710 research and development institute, CSSCH (Invitation talk)
Presentation title: Fluxgate Magnetometer Calibration Method and Its Application in the Field of Magnetic Detection
Abstract: The fluxgate magnetometer is a kind of magnetic sensor with high sensitivity, high bandwidth and wide measurement range. It is widely used in space exploration, positioning and navigation, geological exploration, etc. This report introduces a calibration method for fluxgate magnetometer and its application in the field of magnetic detection. The linearity, noise, zero offset, and orthogonality are the most important parameters of the fluxgate magnetometer. The errors caused from these parameters will inflict the fluxgate magnetometer to deviate from the actual magnetic field value, and the fluxgate magnetometer needs to be calibrated. It motivates us to study the calibration method for these parameters of the fluxgate magnetometer. As a high-precision vector magnetometer, the fluxgate can detect the weak magnetic field varieties, so it can be used to detect and localize the ferromagnetic targets, such as UUV and UXO. In addition, the fluxgate also can be employed for the magnetic disturbances compensation, as an auxiliary sensor for the Magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) with optical pumping magnetometer (OPM) to search for the underwater targets.
Personal profile: Zhengxiang Chen, professor in CSSC, is currently serving as the deputy director of 1st class weak magnetic metering station of NDM, the deputy director of Magnetic Research Center of No.710 institute, CSSC, and the master supervisor in China Ship Research and Development Academy. Professor Chen’s research interests mainly focus on magnetic sensing, magnetic metrology and magnetic detection. He has published more than 20 papers including "Development Status of Weak Magnetic Detection Technology". He won one 2nd prize and two 3rd prizes of National Defense Science and Technology Award, and one 1st prize, four 2nd prizes and two 3rd prizes of the Science and Technology Award of CSSC.






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